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Terhi ABS Boats

TerhiTec Oy is a European manufacturer of boats under the "Terhi ABS Boats" brand and builds and distributes over 5,000 units a year in twenty different countries.
The headquarters and production have been located in Finland since 1972. It is globally known for its ABS plastic sandwich construction.
TerhiTec Oy's numerous patents guarantee boats in ABS plastic that are resistant, unbreakable and easy to recycle at the end of their life.

The hull is thermoformed and filled with non-absorbent polyurethane foam for stability and buoyancy.
This makes the boats unsinkable, with a low center of gravity and extremely stable. The structure has a reinforced keel to navigate Nordic seas and lakes.

Other amazing features of Terha boats are
- perfect technical characteristics for the new electric motors arriving
- durable and comfortable seats
- ergonomic design to drive with motor or rowing
- lightness and manageability
- wide range of accessories
- self-draining self-draining
- components in stainless steel

The production is almost inexhaustible, the excess ABS plastic is reused and the polyurethane foam does not contain dangerous CFC compounds.
Terhi boats can be reused as energy by burning them in a waste incinerator.

Centro Nautico Lignano is the exclusive importer in Italy and awaits new interested resellers.