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With VTEC™, drive-by-wire, a 508mm shaft and power trim and tilt.
Engine model code: BF 250 D LDU DBW
4Front Corrosion Protection: YES
NMEA 2000: YES
BLAST - Boosted low Speed Torque: YES
Trolling Control: YES 650 - 1000 rpm
Engine Type: 4 stroke - OHC - V6 - VTEC
Valves: 24
Displacement (cc): 3583
Bore X Stroke (mm): 89 x 93
Full Throttle Range (RPM): 5300 - 6300
Rated Power (kW / HP): 183,9 / 250
Cooling System: Water Cooled (with Thermostat)
Fuel Delivery: PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
Ignition System: Electronic PGM-IG
Starting System: Electric
Exhaust System: Through propeller boss
Gear Ratio: 2,00 : 1
Propeller Rotation: Standard
Engine Trim and Tilt: Electric
Transom Height (mm): 508
Dry Weight (kg): 272
Overall Length (mm): 920
Overall Width (mm): 660
Overall Height (mm): 1788
Description and standard accessories:Centro Nautico Lignano is an official Honda Marine dealer. It was first possible to view and test the new V6 models from Honda Marine. The engines have changed aesthetically, giving a more homogeneous line to the new V6 using Progressive V Form grilles, a little larger to the point of requiring a greater distance in the case of multiple engines (recommended wheelbase 71 cm).

This characteristics translates into better water processing by the propellers, less disturbed by abnormal flows produced precisely by the proximity of the engines.
The closing system of the three-hook caleanders is now easier, especially in the case of working at sea and in an emergency. They have been equipped with new seals which have the purpose of keeping the internal basin as dry as possible.

The maintenance of the shaft is now simpler, where we have gone from seven pieces of the previous models to the current 3. This facilitates maintenance and streamlines spare parts warehouses.

The new Honda Marine V6s are fitted with new plates positioned on the foot that serve to contain the splashes that the propeller produces. This system, called "splash platform", is larger than about 1 centimeter and therefore makes the trails clearer.

The new engines also have twice the number of anodes than before and a new, much longer lasting paint process.

The thermal group of the 4 versions is the same for all or 3,583 cc. The BF225D and BF250D models are equipped with the V-TEC.

In common there is also the adoption of Honda Marine patented technological systems such as Lean Burn, Blast, ECOmo and PGM-IG programmed injection to obtain low fuel consumption and excellent results in terms of performance, as well as the V6 architecture, the four valves per cylinder managed by a single SOHC overhead camshaft.

The different power between the four engines is obviously managed by the control units which also generate a different optimal number of revolutions.
Thus, up to 225 horsepower, the ideal speed is between 5,000 and 6,000 rpm, while for the BF250D this speed goes to 5,300 / 6,300 rpm.

The DBW (DrivebyWire) version no longer installs the lambda probe, therefore one less component to manage.
The throttle body of these new engines is electric with a stepper motor that derives, as often happens, from automotive components, a point of reference from a technological point of view as regards the fresh air supply system, here too there are some new features.

The forced conveyance system under the grille Air Intake System remains, equipped with a new intake casing and provides larger external grilles in order to increase the air flow.

The new Honda Marine V6s separate the air from the water particles it contains with an innovative drainage system.
This water is always conveyed into the basin as was the case before but now, instead of waiting for its evaporation, it is forcibly evacuated into channels that eliminate it through two dedicated outlets.
One at the front to eliminate the water deriving from the suction phase and the other at the rear to eliminate the water that accumulates in the air during the cooling phase.

The new Honda Marine outboard engines have two fuel filters (one high and one low pressure).
The low pressure filter is larger with an internal sensor for detecting any presence of water and positioned at the front for easy access.
The high pressure filter, on the other hand, is located on the cylinder head, so that it is also easy to reach and, in the case of replacement, it now takes no more than 5 minutes.

Honda Marine has provided a whole new series of panels, buttons, single or double lever controls with electronic gearbox and accelerator (iST) management to be used if you buy engines equipped with DBW and able to make tasks easier. of the pilot.
The Start & Stop Switch panels are available which require or not the use of a key as an alternative to the buttons.
A SmartKey system is available that works as an immobilizer through the use of a remote control that operates over a range of 80 meters, giving or not the consent to start the engine to a transmitter installed on board.
The iST single or double lever levers are binnacle or wall mounted in order to adapt to all installation needs, and are equipped with LEDs to make the activated function clear.
They have an engine heating function (Warm) and a Trolling System for managing 50 to 50 revolutions, very useful for trolling fishers.
These levers are able to manage up to 4 motors at the same time and have a speed synchronizer.
The engines can be equipped with the new Honda Marine instrument with 4.3 ”multifunction display, capable of providing multiple instant information regarding the engines.
Base Price € 21.982,80
Accessories + € 0.00
IVA 4.836,22
Total amount 26.819,02
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