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With 571 mm shaft.

Honda BF 2.3 with integrated fuel tank (1.1 l), carrying handle, manual operation via rotating handle with integrated clutch. Displacement: 57cc, power: 2.3hp (1.7kW). Circuit: VN 360 °. Weight 13.5 kg. Available in long or short rod version. It is the ideal engine for tenders and inflatable boats. Enjoy the small size.
Even though this engine is small enough, it can effortlessly take the boat to coastal areas. In addition, the engine is easy to transport using the ergonomic handles and can be easily stored in the trunk.
Engine model code: BF 2.3 LCHU
4Front Corrosion Protection: YES
Engine Type: 4 stroke - OHV - 1 cylinder
Valves: 2
Displacement (cc): 57
Bore X Stroke (mm): 45 x 36
Full Throttle Range (RPM): 5000-6000
Rated Power (kW / HP): 1.7kW / 2.3HP
Cooling System: Force Air Cooled
Fuel Delivery: 1 carburettor
Ignition System: Transistorised
Starting System: Recoil starter
Gear Ratio: 2.42
Propeller Rotation: Standard
Engine Trim and Tilt: Manual Tilt - 4 stages
Transom Height (mm): 571
Dry Weight (kg): 14
Overall Length (mm): 410
Overall Width (mm): 280
Overall Height (mm): 1100
Description and standard accessories:Reliable, silent and with an ergonomic handle!
With the ultralight BF 2.3 you can enjoy Honda comfort and always feel safe anywhere. The BF 2.3 is a lightweight four-stroke engine with throttle grip and integrated centrifugal clutch. This allows you to idle without operating the propeller blade. When you want to start moving, just turn the throttle knob, the clutch engages and drives the propeller. With the large ergonomic handle, the motor can be easily transported. Furthermore, the BF 2.3 offers a very good power-to-weight ratio for its class.

Easy and fast
Boats ready, Honda BF 2.3 engine in the trunk and off you go.

Fun made easy!
Along the way you will be amazed at how much fun you can have with the smallest Honda engine. Unlike 2-stroke engines these 4-stroke engines are very quiet. They are reliable and fuel efficient, with no need to mix. Thus it is possible to accelerate to reach the center of a lake, go up the river or sail along the coastal strip of the sea.

Small and mighty
A single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which runs freely right from the start. It has the newest ignition timing control technology, offering maximum ease of starting even in the coldest climates.
Power assured: it can develop a better torque, capable of moving heavier boats if necessary. It is simple to use, easy to clean and requires only low maintenance. When you add Honda reliability, superior fuel efficiency and low emissions, you have everything you need to start surfing the waves.

Quick start
The centrifugal clutch allows the engine to idle without driving the propeller blades. When you want to start moving, just turn the throttle grip, the clutch engages and drives the propeller.

Throttle grip
The small BF2,3 has a fast pivoting action, which is perfect for reversing without shifting gears. Just turn the rudder 180 ° and the boat can move in reverse. You will be able to maneuver around tight spots in a harbor with ease.

Propeller care
The engine is very light and easy to pull out of the water. This way you avoid damaging the engine propellers when moving in shallow water or on the shore. The spring system allows you to lock it securely when you are on the go.

Take it and go
The BF 2.3 engine is the lightest in its class and can be transported easily. Thanks to the ergonomic handle positioned in the right balance point, allowing you to walk normally without effort.

Throttle grip
The ergonomic rotating tiller guarantees a sensation of considerable sweetness and is equipped with a screw-clutch that allows it to be locked at various speeds and thus allows you to relax your hand.

Waterproof guarantee
Better saltwater protection through better corrosion protection and more maintenance! The aluminum housing is first carefully anodized in a Honda patented "double seal" process. Then an epoxy primer layer is applied before the silver gloss paint. As a further protection from UV rays, a transparent resin is applied as a finish. For absolute reliability, a scrificial anode is applied to all waterproof connectors.
underwater exhaust
oil level indicator
emergency stop switch
tank volume: 1 liter
average consumption: 0.3 L / h.
Starter: manual
Circuit: centrifugal clutch, 360 °
winding coil: No
Base Price € 935,24
Accessories + € 0.00
IVA 205,75
Total amount 1.140,99
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