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Cresci N750BC-R
Grow N750BC-R

• tilting frame
• mechanical overrun brake with auto-reverse release for reverse
• torsion bar suspension on rubber with independent wheels
• new legislation lighting system including reverse gear
• walkable mudguard supports
• hot-dip galvanized thick profiled tubular frame
• quick disassembly aluminum light bar
• safety spring pin to prevent lights from escaping
• electrical system partially inside the frame
• hot-dip galvanized parking wheel with bearing for minimum lifting effort

WHEEL 155R13 (RTA 006) Spare wheel 155R13
WHEEL SUPPORT (K03 001) Spare wheel support for models N
SHAFT HOLDER SUPPORT (K07 002) Adjustable shaft holder support 70x70
ADJUSTABLE SADDLE (SEL 002) Single adjustable side seat
GANGWAY (K07 007) Release / hooking gangway for towing
VD EQUIPMENT (DTZ 015) Universal VD equipment for sailing dinghy boats
Code: RIM106/750R
Total weight Kg: 750
Payload Kg: 490
Empty mass Kg: 260
Max recommended boat size cm: 635
Maximum trailer size cm: 666x185
Wheel size: 155R13
Matriculation: Not included
Cresci N750BC-R
Base Price € 2.196,00
Accessories + € 0.00
IVA 483,12
Total amount 2.679,12
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