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Cresci N3500L-R
• mechanical overrun brake with auto-reverse release for reverse
• torsion bar suspension on rubber with independent wheels
• new legislation lighting system including reverse gear
• walkable mudguard supports
• hot-dip galvanized thick profiled tubular frame
• quick disassembly aluminum light bar
• safety spring pin to prevent lights from escaping
• electrical system partially inside the frame
• hot-dip galvanized parking wheel with bearing for minimum lifting effort

WHEEL 185R14C (RTA 011) Spare wheel 185R14C
WHEEL SUPPORT (K03 001) Spare wheel support for models N
ADJUSTABLE SADDLE (SEL 002) Single adjustable side seat
VD EQUIPMENT (DTZ 015) Universal VD equipment for sailing dinghy boats
SHAFT HOLDER SUPPORT (K07 003) Adjustable shaft holder support 100x80
GANGWAY (K07 008) Release / hooking gangway for towing
WASHING KIT (K07 006) Double axis drum washing kit
Code: RIM049/3500R
Total weight Kg: 3495
Payload Kg: 2710
Empty mass Kg: 782
Max recommended boat size cm: 980
Maximum trailer size cm: 1035x222
Wheel size: 185R14C
Matriculation: Not included
Cresci N3500L-R
Base Price € 6.827,00
Accessories + € 0.00
IVA 1.501,94
Total amount 8.328,94
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